May 19, 2011

What Is It?

When Juli moved into our home, which had previously been her grandparents' home, she found an odd device.   It's a piece of thick wire - about the same thickness as that used to make old-fashioned clothes hangers - twisted to form sort of a coil cup, with one end wrapped around and attached to the coil to form a handle.  It's all one piece, save for a copper band in the middle of the handle.  The copper band is etched with the words STEELBAND #6 PITTSBURGH.   The entire thing is about a foot long.

We're pretty sure it is a kitchen utensil of some sort, but we aren't sure what it is for.   Is it an egg separator?  An odd sort of whisk?  Something else entirely?   Perhaps not a kitchen tool at all?

If any of our readers know what this is, we'd be interested.

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