May 20, 2011

Ted's Coney Island- Ingersoll Avenue

Quite often when Jeffrey and I get off work, we go to one of Des Moines' Dahl's Grocery stores to pick up things our local market doesn't carry (one of tonight's items- baby bok choy).  Those nights, we like to eat a quick dinner in town.  Ted's Coney Island is inexpensive, tastes great, and is just down the street from a Dahl's.  Ted's serves up Greek-American food which is so good we don't usually bother to make the trip into Des Moines for the annual Greek Food Fair (which is coming up the first weekend of June).

For less than $3 you can get a Coney, otherwise known as a chili dog.  The chili is thin but not watery, the meat is ground ultra-fine, and it just tastes really delicious! 

Jeffrey and I both like the much bigger Gyro sandwiches, too;  we like to add the optional feta cheese.  That sandwich is just $5.50 with the feta.  I also love the onion rings- in my opinion much tastier than the french fries.

Ted's has several locations; we like the one located at 3020 Ingersoll.  Here's another review you may find helpful if you visit Ted's Coney Island West in UrbandaleStaff are always very friendly and helpful, there's never a long wait, and the food is both inexpensive and really flavorful.  Definitely trough-worthy! 5 Stars.

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