May 17, 2011

This Month's Work Potluck

My workplace has a potluck lunch once a month, usually with a theme of some sort.  This time around the theme was picnic food.   People brought a variety of things to share, ranging from hot dogs to potato salad to chips and dip.  There were also several desserts, and one of the administrators brought tall glasses, a large carton of vanilla ice cream and some root beer so we could make root beer floats.

This time around I mixed up a batch of my Zesty Baked Beans.  I made them exactly as written in the printed recipe, save that I drained and rinsed an extra can of black beans and tossed them in. 

The beans tasted great, and they were quite popular.  I'm not surprised... bacon, molasses, brown sugar, chipotle and rich seasonings... how could they not be good?  Several people commented on them, and there wasn't much left over, which I take as the best indicator of how good they were.

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