May 28, 2011

Gong Fu Tea

One of the things I really love about working in downtown Des Moines is easy access to all the neat shops in the East Village.  One of my favorite places is Gong Fu Tea located at 414 East 6th Street. They sell the most amazing loose-leaf teas I've ever had the pleasure to drink, and their shop is beautiful. 

Each canister holds a different aromatic loose leaf tea.

My favorites are Constant Companion, which is their take on Bigelow Tea's Constant Comment, and Spice Tea, a lovely, comforting cinnamon tea blend that I like to drink when the weather is cold.  Jeffrey likes Chocolate Mint, Moroccan Mint, La Pina Colada and Black Mango tea.

Several of the small packets of Gong Fu tea we have at home.

Today we went in looking for an Oolong tea, to be used instead of wood chips to flavor some barbecue.  Jeffrey chose Wuyi Shan Red Cape tea.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend, and we can post that recipe soon.

The staff are all very friendly and knowledgable about each tea.

While not inexpensive, buying an ounce or two of a really deeply flavorful tea is an affordable luxury that I indulge every once in a while.  


Jeffrey here.  Check out the website link above- it talks about the business, and you can also order their fine products, which include teapots and serving sets and other tea-related items, in addition to their great variety of excellent teas.

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