May 11, 2011

Asian Vegetable Stir-Fry with Noodles

I've been experimenting with quick Asian skillet dishes lately.  The latest example is this vegetable dish, which is suitable for serving as a main course or a side dish. 

Like the other examples of this sort of dish I've featured in the recent past, you start by stir-frying some ingredients (vegetables, for this one).  Next you add some chicken broth and some ramen noodles and cook until the noodles are soft and have absorbed most of the liquid.  Finally, you finish up by stirring in a seasoning sauce. 

After making several of this sort of dish, I think I've finally gotten the concepts down pretty well.  This was really tasty, and the veggies were tender without being soggy.   I served this up with some chicken breasts grilled with an Asian-style sauce (I'll present that recipe in another post) and a big batch of Crab Rangoon.  All in all, these dishes made for a very satisfying meal.

Asian Vegetable Stir-Fry with Noodles

yield = 4-5 servings

1/4        cup rice wine
1           tablespoon cornstarch
1           tablespoon soy sauce
1           tablespoon oyser sauce
1/4        teaspoon white pepper
2           tablespoons peanut oil
12         ounces fresh broccoli florets
8           ounces baby bok choy, stalks and leaves
             separated and chopped
8           ounces snow peas, trimmed
1           serrano chili, seeded and minced
1           tablespoon fresh, peeled and grated ginger
2           teaspoons minced garlic
3 1/2     cups low-sodium chicken broth
4           packages (3 ounces) ramen noodles,
              seasoning packets discarded

Mix rice wine, cornstarch, soy sauce and oyster sauce in a small bowl.  Set aside.

Heat peanut oil in a large skillet over medium heat until shimmering.  Add broccoli, bok choy stalks, snow peas and minced serrano chili and stir-fry 4 minutes.  Add chopped bok choy leaves, stir-fry an additional minute, then clear a spot in the middle of the skillet, add the ginger and garlic and cook until fragrant (about 30 seconds). 

Add chicken broth and bring to a boil.  Break ramen noodle blocks into smaller pieces and add to the skillet, then reduce heat to simmer.  Cook, stirring occasionally, until the noodles are tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed.

Remove skillet from heat and stir in rice wine mixture until thickened.  Serve.

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