December 11, 2010

More Comfort Food: Fried Egg Sandwiches

A few nights ago, we got home quite late, following long days at work.  Juli hadn't gotten a chance to grab anything for supper, so she was hungry, but not in the mood to cook anything or for anything too heavy.  On the way home, she asked me to cook her one of her favorite comfort foods:  a fried egg sandwich.

This sort of sandwich used to be a comfort food for me as well, but I've got cholesterol issues.  My overall choleterol level is below average, but due to a hereditary liver condition that impairs my body's ability to metabolize the HDL or "good cholesterol", my LDL/HDL ratio is always way, way off.   While I don't avoid products including eggs, or using eggs in cooking, eating straight-up fried eggs is pushing it a bit, so I don't do that.  I introduced Juli to this particular comfort food, though, so I'm glad to keep making it for her.

They're so easy to make, it seems dumb to write up a full recipe, so here's the routine: 

1. Toast two slices of bread (plain, white bread works best, though sourdough works fine, too).  Lightly butter two surfaces of the bread.  

2.  Spray a small skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat on medium.  

3.  Break two eggs into the skillet and use the edge of a spatula to break the yolks.   Season with freshly-ground black pepper and salt to taste, and just a pinch of garlic powder.

4.  When the egg whites have solidified and turned white, use a spatula to flip the eggs over.  Cook another two minutes or so.

5.  Make a sandwich by putting the eggs between the toast slices, buttered-sides inward.

Juli likes her sandwiches sliced crosswise into triangles, as below.

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