December 08, 2010

Cool Kitchen Stuff: Microplane Zester/Grater

On Black Friday, we picked up a bunch of good deals on cookware, dinnerware and kitchen accessories.  Younkers, especially, was full of good buys:  their Fiesta place settings were at a big discount, and Fiesta cookware and accessories were 50% off.  Their entire stock of Oxo Good Grips utensils was at 50% off, and the Oxo Good Grip containers were also discounted.  We bought several from each category, including some Fiesta servingware. 

The buy of the day for me, though, was the Microplane Zester/Grater

Microplane's products have gotten pretty much uniformly great reviews in Cook's Illustrated, Fine Cooking and other cooking publications and online cooksites.  Most consider their rasp-style graters to be the best of the best.  I used to own another rasp grater, but I found it more of a pain than not... it didn't work that great and was a pain to clean.   The Microplane one, though... honestly, one couldn't ask for a tool to work better.

Above, you see a zested lemon, the blade of my grater and a cup holding lemon zest.  It took me about 40 seconds to completely zest the lemon.  It took me about 15 seconds to completely clean the grater afterward.  It works just as well on Parmesan-Reggiano and other hard cheeses.

Best of all, I got this at 50% off.   Not that it is that expensive at full price, but at half price, it was a steal.  Easily my buy of the day.

Honestly, I can't recommend any kitchen tool more highly than I recommend this one.  I know that in the future, whenever I'm looking for a new grater - of any sort - I'll be looking at Microplane products first.

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