December 07, 2010

Everyday Cooking

As regular readers have probably noted, we cook a pretty wide variety of dishes.  Some of them are pretty different, others quite basic, and - thankfully - more often than not they turn out pretty good.  The "pretty good" category includes a fair amount of cooking Juli does that she considers no big deal, not worth blogging about.  I disagree, because I really appreciate her "everyday cooking."

For example, last week she made a couple more loaves of the same pumpkin bread she made awhile back,  A slice of that made for a fast and delicious way to start the day, or a quick snack after work.

Then there was a couple nights ago, when Juli made up some fresh, hot cocoa.  I was busy in the kitchen, and she made that very welcome, refreshing drink... just because.  And just out of love, I guess.

In some ways, there's nothing too remarkable about that.   After all, many thousands of people - millions, more like it - cook every single day for the exact, same motive.   But looked at another way... if that isn't worth writing about, what really is?

And thus this post.

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