December 09, 2010

Garlic Knots

Last week, I used another recipe from the newest issue of Cook's Country:  Garlic Knots.   Actually, I made the recipe twice.   The first time, I was trying to cook too many things at the same time, so the oven temperature got off somehow, and the knots didn't cook up right.   Burnt on the bottom + barely done on the top = really bad combination.  But I could tell the recipe had some potential, so I gave it another try and made up a big batch at the same time I made up the pot of white chili for the soup and chili fundraiser at Juli's workplace.

Garlic Knots aren't exactly difficult to make, but they are time consuming, with most of the time spent making garlic butter and waiting as the garlic knots go through two rounds of rising.  The result the second time around was  quite nice, though:  chewy rolls with a distinct, yet not overpowering garlic flavor.

Juli in fact found the garlic flavor more subtle than she'd have preferred, but the rolls were reportedly well-received at the fundraiser.   I liked them fine, and thought them a good companion for the chili, but having made them twice now - and, more importantly, having made them successfully once - I'll probably give some thought to ways to cut down the prep time before I try them out again.   Still, a nice recipe.  In fact, this particular issue of Cook's Country (January 2011) is even more full of good recipes than usual.  If you're not a regular reader of that particular magazine, this issue is a good time to try it out.  This is the same issue that included the winner and finalists of the Christmas cookie contest and a really tasty looking New Mexico Pork Stew recipe I'm planning to try out in the near future.

But then, it is also possible I'm a bit biased toward CC, due to one of my pictures of the Garlic Knots having been chosen as the "Fan Photo of the Week" for the magazine's Facebook page.

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