September 20, 2010

Single Serve Coffeemakers aka Keurig/K-cup brewing system

Ever since I saw a Single Serve Keurig coffee machine on, I've seriously wanted one of these new-fangled coffee/cocoa/tea makers.  The problem is that I am a researcher at heart, and there are many, many, MANY negative reviews of these machines.  If I pay over $100 for a coffeemaker, I want it to last longer than a year. Preferably for the next 10+.

Heck, it wasn't all that long ago that I was getting by just fine with an ancient Farberware coffee percolator that had belonged to Grandma.  (The percolator finally gave up the ghost, much to my chagrin-I loved its retro-50's look, and the coffee wasn't bad, either).

Does anyone have experience with this coffee maker?  Do you love it? Has it been nothing but trouble from Day 1?  Drop me a line, and let me know what you think.

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