September 30, 2010

Peace Tree Brewing

I'm not sure if word's spread very far yet, but thoughout Iowa, a local brewing company has become quite popular in a very short period of time.

The company in question is Peace Tree Brewing Co., located in Knoxville, Iowa.  They produce a variety of original ales, including a corn ale and a rye porter, as well as really good root beer.  In the recent past, their products have been showing up in grocery stores and pubs around Iowa.  Peace Tree handles its own distribution. As they say on their website, "Since we are a native brewery in Iowa, we have taken advantage of the ability to stay close to our customers by distributing our products ourselves."

We recently dropped by The Peace Tree Tap Room in Knoxville to pick up some samples.  The place itself is quite nice, and we found the proprietors quite friendly and willing to offer samples of their wares, which are available on tap and bottled.

Pictured here are bottles of their Red Rambler ale (which Juli likes quite a bit) and their Root Beer (which I enjoy). 

Two of Peace Tree Brewing's products
We aren't big drinkers (I don't drink alcohol at all, in fact), but we are always glad to see small businesses succeed, and we like to do our part to support and promote local businesses.  As such, we wish the folk at Peace Tree continued success, and we encourage our readers to give their brews a try should they have the opportunity.

You can find out more about Peace Tree at their website, .  The site includes a listing of their current product line, as well as a listing of the various places one can purchase their products.

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