September 19, 2010

Cookies! Yum!!

Last night, while Juli was making her peach jam, I made some chocolate chip cookies.  I used a recipe I got at the Cook's Illustrated website  called Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, from the May 2009 issue.  They are just plain excellent.  The person who developed the recipe was trying to come up with a chocolate chip cookie recipe that would eclipse the standard Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe, and in my opinion, that goal was achieved.

I can't include the recipe here, but if you're interested, I'd recommend heading over to the site listed above and checking it out.  You have to subscribe to the site to access the recipes, but the cost is minimal, and well worth what you get - a storehouse of all the recipes that have been included in 20+ years of Cook's Illustrated magazine, plus tons of cooking tips, instructional video clips, equipment reviews, taste tests and all sorts of other useful things.  I use the recipes there all the time.  All sorts of good stuff... including, among other things, lots of other great cookie recipes!

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