September 22, 2010

Favorite Ethnic Groceries in the Des Moines area Part 2

I forgot to mention our source for Asian groceries:

New Oriental Food Store
515 E Locust
Des Moines, IA 

This grocery is located fairly close to the State Capitol building in downtown Des Moines.  It stocks fresh lemon grass, galangal and ginger root, lots of Asian spices and sauces, and curious cookies.  We like the pineapple fig newtons, which are labelled as simply "Pineapple Cake", and there are lots of brands of soy and fish sauce.  Oh, and if you need fresh frozen whole frogs, this is your go-to place.  Heh.

Unless you plan to spend at least $25, be sure to bring cash.  Otherwise, the owner charges a fee to run your debit or credit card.

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