September 29, 2010

Another New Arrival

I've written recently about some of the new cookware we've purchased.  As it happens, while we don't have a particularly small kitchen, it is somewhat lacking in terms of both cabinet and counter space.   As a result, we haven't really had any particularly convenient place to put some of our equipment while leaving us adequate space to work and to store non-cookware items. 

To solve this problem, we recently ordered a kitchen shelving unit.  We decided to get one with wheels, so we could move it around as needed to sweep under it or othewise move it as necessary.  The unit arrived yesterday, and even though we were pretty tired from a long day at work, we couldn't wait to get it set up.  Here it is after a bit of assembly, and after we'd moved our microwave to the new shelves (doing so opened up a lot of workspace).

Having done that, it was then time to move some of our equipment to the shelves.  It quickly became apparent that when one has a lot of cookware and small kitchen appliances, it is pretty easy to fill up a set of five shelves.   Aside from the microwave, the new shelves quickly became home to our two slow cookers (large and small), our electric skillet, our double-boiler and stockpots and large skillet and Dutch ovens, the spice grinder, the bread machine, the ice tea maker, the blender, the food processor and some other small appliances.

The picture to the right shows the shelves when they've mostly been filled.   You can also see two of our cats - the orange cat is Nate, the calico is Juno.   They don't seem too impressed - I'm guessing they were confused to find we'd moved their food and water dishes in order to make room for the shelves - but Juli and I are pretty happy with this new purchase.   It definitely makes our kitchen seem more roomy.  This change gives us a lot more room now for food prep, and will have a much easier time getting to the equipment we need without having to dig through over-full cabinets.  I can actually get to things like the pie plates and the pizza stones.  Until now, they were buried behind or under a lot of other things.

Hm, maybe it's time to bake a pie or try out some of the new pizza recipes I've found...

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