July 21, 2011

Raccoon River Brewing Company

The weather in Iowa has been brutally hot for more than a week.  Our downstairs air conditioner, which cools the living room, dining room, and kitchen, stopped working.  So, instead of cooking in Hell's own kitchen, we opted to eat out.

We decided to go to Raccoon River Brewing Company in downtown Des Moines, since it's more or less on the way home from work.  Jeffrey was in the mood for a burger, and for once we were in such complete agreement that we both ordered the same entree, the BBQ Bacon Ranch Burger with applewood smoked bacon and Cheddar cheese. 

As it was such a hot day, I also had a Tallgrass light beer. I sampled the Vanilla Cream Ale, which tastes a lot like cream soda and beer combined, but found it too sweet for my taste.  I was very pleased with the Tallgrass.

The burgers came cooked perfectly and just as we'd ordered- a beautiful pink-centered medium rare.  The hand-cut fries were ok, but I'll probably be more adventurous with my side selection next time.  We were so caught up with how good the burgers looked and smelled, that I almost forgot to take a picture!

Yep, I'd already started to chow down!

We were very pleased with the food, and since we ate at an unfashionably early dinner time, the restaurant was fairly quiet.  I don't think I'd find the restaurant very relaxing later in the evening, however.  But then, we're not really in the place's target demographic age group, so that's to be expected.  All in all, Raccoon River Brewing Company is a really great place to grab a burger and brew.

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