July 02, 2011

Berries and Grapes and Broccoli, O MY! (A Garden Update)

 It seems like every morning, we pick a bigger bowl of raspberries!  I know they won't be producing forever, but it's wonderful while it lasts! 

This morning's haul

Here's what the bushes are looking like:

 And more!

The grapes are starting to get bigger!  For awhile there I thought we were going to have teeny-weeny gooseberry-sized grapes.  I think these are a Concord grape, but I can't remember what we planted.  I guess if they turn purple, I'll know- the only choices at the nursery last year were a green grape and a Concord grape.  I remember smelling Concord grapes from when I was just a kid.  They grew in one of the alleys I took on my way home from school, and when the purple grapes were ripe, their scent was intoxicatingly intense.   I want to make grape jelly and/or jam.

Another view, note the old metal fence our backdoor neighbor is graciously allowing us to use:

Here's the broccoli.  I was beginning to think we'd have to eat the leaves and stems if we wanted any broccoli at all, but you can see that a little head has *finally* started to grow in the center of the enormously abundant leaves.

Jeffrey's breakfast this morning:  I think there's more fruit than cereal here!  But doesn't it look great?

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  1. Our red raspberries have not started yet - but when they do - my breakfast will look like yours!