July 31, 2011

Fiestaware for the Iowa State or University of Iowa fan

Fiestaware, that iconic American dinnerware, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a new color:  the beautiful Marigold.  I don't generally buy into collector mania, but Fiestaware makes me weak in the knees!

I started my addiction right after I bought Grandma's house.  I should explain that I bought the house furnished, more or less.  The beds were full-sized, a shock after sleeping in a queen-size bed for years, and there was a terribly uncomfortable sofa and end-tables left from the early 1960's, and...a single piece of Fiestaware. 

It was a pitcher, in a sunny bright yellow that could have been produced anywhere from 1936 to 1969.  I fell in love with the deco lines of the piece, and was excited to find that Fiestaware was still being manufactured.  I picked my first dishes , 4 place settings of  pastel yellow and 4 place settings of apricot, based on the crazy colors of the 50's-style countertops, shown here:

Dig those crazy fried egg squiggle-splats!
I was immediately hooked on the cheerful colors, and I have tried to have at least one piece in every color that followed the pretty pastels I started with, with a few exceptions:  I don't have the rare "exclusive" colors lilac or sapphire, and I never bought anything in the colors I considered gloomy, like pearl gray, heather, or chocolate.

Back to the present!  Marigold is a beautiful color, and very aptly named.  If you're from Iowa, you'll know that Iowa State University colors are cardinal and gold, and University of Iowa colors are black and gold.  So....wouldn't these be perfect for a get-together celebrating your favorite team?  [Please forgive the floral tablecloth and use your imagination.  A plain black or red cloth would look spiffy, I think!]

Scarlet and Marigold Fiestaware

Black and Marigold Fiestaware

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