July 16, 2011

Big John's BBQ - Update

It was really, really hot today, and after cooking lunch and doing some baking in the afternoon, I couldn't face more time in a hot kitchen, so we took our second trip to Big John's BBQ.  We are glad to report it was just as excellent as the first time we ate there.

The menu changes every day at Big John's, but you can see the day's menu on the Facebook page linked above.  We were both disappointed the incredibly good Dirty Rice wasn't on the menu tonight, but we were pleased with the ribs and smoked chicken we ordered.  Once again the servings were more than generous, and the food was great.   Plus this time we got dessert.

The dessert choices tonight were Sweet Potato Pie and Big John's Special Sweet Potato Pie.  The latter was sweet potato pie done more as a bar than a typical pie, with delicious, custardy sweet potato filling atop a rich, buttery graham cracker crust.   They'd run out of pie crust and still had some filling, so Big John tossed together this version without a recipe.   He assured us he could replicate it, though, and I sure hope that's true, because it was fabulous!  I just wish we'd remembered to bring our camera. 

John and the rest of the staff were friendly as before, the service was excellent, the food was beyond excellent, and we didn't  have to heat up the house for dinner.   That's a win all the way around as far as we're concerned. 

And better yet, we're glad to report that starting Thursday, July 21, Big John's BBQ will be open 4 days a week, Thurs-Sat 11-9 and Sundays 11-6.  That's excellent news for us, for our home town and for anyone who likes great BBQ, and my hope is that any of our readers from the area will drop by and support this excellent establishment.

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