October 16, 2010

My Informal Rating System for Recipes

Jeffrey and I have an informal rating system, using stars. A five star recipe is very, very good, and a one star recipe is a dish that gets scraped into the trash after we take the first bite. We haven't had any one-star dishes yet, although every okra recipe we tried was really, really close.

My personal criteria for the star system is as follows:

Five stars- If you put a large quantity of this food in front of me, I will be strongly tempted to eat until it's all gone. I call that "trough-worthy".  Jeffrey knows if I say something is trough-worthy, that it's a total winner, and I will be very happy to eat it again.  And again. Forever!

Four stars- This is my rating for a very good recipe.  Definitely worth making again, but not trough-worthy.

Three stars- if you looked up "average" or "mediocre" in the dictionary, you might see a picture of this recipe.

Two stars- Not good, but edible.  

One star- Take it to the trash! Stat!

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