October 05, 2010

Flying with the Flylady

If you've ever felt despair at the state of your home and typed in "Housework Help" into a search engine, it's likely that you've come across the Flylady.  She has a wonderful website and dispenses information in a friendly, non-judgmental way.  She also happens to sell some really incredible products.  Most are directly related to cleaning, like the purple micro-fiber cleaning cloths above.

These really do a great job on a wide assortment of household cleaning tasks.  We like ours for cleaning the shower, and they're also great as dish cloths.  We wash all our dishes by hand, since we don't have a dishwasher, and the cloths hold up very well.

We also have the Flylady stainless steel water bottles, and they are AMAZING!  They really do keep liquids absolutely ice cold, and after a full day, there's still ice in the bottle from the morning.  We use ours every work day and fill them up with iced tea that I make at home.  We now drink a lot less caffeine, and don't spend money on soda pop anymore.

I'm also very happy with our Flylady grocery bags.  The set comes with 3 purple bags (no logos, which I'm happy about), and two insulated black ones.

Grocery Bag Set

The bags hold a LOT of groceries, and the insulated bags keep things cold during our long commute home when we've done our shopping in Des Moines for the week.

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