October 11, 2010

Just Dessert

As I've mentioned previously, on Saturday I tossed together a quickie dessert of grilled bananas served over vanilla ice cream.  It isn't exactly the world's most complex recipe, but it sure was tasty.

Grilled Bananas

yield= serves 2, but the recipe is doubled easily enough to serve four

2     barely-ripe bananas (look for ones with a bit of green
       still on the peels)
1     tablespoon lime juice
1     teaspoon dark rum
1/2  cup dark brown sugar
1     teeaspoon ground cinnamon
2     dishes vanilla ice cream

Peel the bananas.  Cut each banana in half at the midpoint, then cut each half lengthwise, thus dividing each banana into 4 long chunks.

Mix the lime juice and rum in a small, flat dish.

Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon on a small plate. 

Dip one banana chunk in the lime/rum mixture, turning it to wet all sides.  Press both sides of the banana chunk in the sugar/cinnamon mix to lightly coat it on al sides.  Place the sugar-coated banana chunk on a plate and repeat with each banana piece.

Place the banana chunks on the grill over direct heat.  If the heat is low, cook the bananas for 3 minutes, turning once; if the heat is medium, cook for 1 1/2 minutes total.

Serve immediately by placing four grilled banana chunks in each dish of ice cream.

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