October 02, 2010

Busy Morning

We have a lot planned for today, and I ended up getting up pretty early to get some of it - specifically, some of the cooking - done in order to have time to do other things today.

Below you see part of my workspace as I'm just getting started.  I've got a few ingredients set out, and some of the morning's recipes are in my cookbook holder, and at this point the stock pot on the left contains 12 cups of water and a big ham bone which I've set to boil to make soup stock.  The one on the right has some water and some beans in it.

Before very long, things have a lot gotten busier.  I've got some onions chopped up in the bowl, and have started seeding and slicing up some jalapenos, as I've started in on another recipe.

By the time Juli's gotten up, I've got Ham and Bean Soup and Lamb Korma well underway. 

While I continue with that, Juli gets some breakfast ready... pancakes again, though not the multi-grain type I made last week, and maple sausage patties.  So, I take a break from the cooking and chow down.  The pancakes and sausage really hit the spot, as by that point I'd been working for about 2 hours and hadn't yet had anything to eat.

As I write this, my cooking so far today has included a big pot of soup, a pot of chili, the lamb korma (which will be used to make a somewhat more elaborate dish at dinner time) and a batch of cookies.  I've also washed dishes three times so far this morning.  During that same time, Juli has made breakfast, helped with some of the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen floor (forcing me to take a break from cooking for a bit while she did that) and run some errands, including stopping by the local farmer's market.  We're about to sit down for lunch.

More to come.

UPDATED:  For some reason, Juli'd thought the Farm Crawl was today, when in fact it's Sunday, October 3, i.e., tomorrow.  She had the date right in her earlier post, but not the day.  I hadn't paid that much attention to the ads, so when she said it was Saturday, I figured that was the case.  Big disappointment for both of us, because with her working and me doing a lot of paperwork on Sundays, we probably won't get to see much of it tomorrow.  Still, we're hoping it goes great.

On the positive side, this creates the opportunity for me to cook something else today, or maybe even take a nap or something.

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