April 04, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Recently I made a couple different pies within a short amount of time, and during the same time, we were gifted with yet another pie.   That's a lot more pie than we need, and good as pie is, it is possible to have too much of some good things.   Thankfully, we had the ideal solution.

The pies I made were my Lemon Custard Pie and my New and Improved Coconut Cream Pie.   As I've posted previously, both turned out great.  The pie we got as a gift was even better though.  Juli's parents were in town for a visit, and her father gifted us with one of his fantastic apple pies.    I've mentioned before that my father-in-law is a fantastic baker, and his pies are particularly superb.  This one was no exception.  We found it delicious, as always, and it was particularly good served warmed up with some vanilla ice cream.

So, what to do with that much pie?   Why, share the wealth, of course.

I brought most of the Lemon Custard and Coconut Cream Pies to work to share with my coworkers.  Both were very well-received, and neither lasted long, which I found quite gratifying.  It's gotten to the point that some of my coworkers have mentioned not-too-subtly their favorite types of cake and pie, but that's cool with me.  I might well make some of those suggested treats, and I take it as a compliment that people are happy enough with my pies and cakes to want me to make their favorites.  That's something of a challenge, too - if I do a less-than-excellent job with someone's favorite, that person at least is likely to be disappointed - but I can deal with that.

And besides, a less-than-perfect pie or cake is still pie or cake, so unless I really, really screw up (like, using salt in place of sugar...), it's still going to be a good thing.

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