April 04, 2011

Springtime and Shopping

It was pretty nice out this weekend, which encouraged us to get out and get some exercise.   And then since we were already out and about, we decided to do some shopping... and of course bought things that more or less cancel out the benefits of the exercise!

For exercise, we went to Red Rock to walk some of the trails.   It was a great day. The temperature was perfect, and while there were a fair number of people - including many who were fishing and/or boating - it wasn't crowded or noisy.   We didn't see any eagles (a reasonably common sight there), but we did see some very nice spring flowers.

After our walk, we went to Pella to do some shopping.  We ended up going to only two stores, both mainstays of ours.   I picked up a couple packages of the excellent cheddar cheese summer sausage sold at Ulrich's Meat Market, while Juli picked up a variety of sweets - three types of strudel (blueberry, peaches and cream and strawberries and cream), sticky cinnamon rolls, a cream horn, two Dutch letters, and a couple of pounds of the St. Nicholas cookies (with almonds) that I love - at Jaarsma Bakery.   Normally we shop together, but there was such a huge line of customers at Jaarsma that both of us just standing around would have been a waste of time.

Cheddar Cheese Summer Sausage from Ulrich's
Meat Market, plus some Dutch crackers (picked up
during another recent visit to Pella)

Note to self and to any readers who might plan to stop by Pella:  If at all possible, don't plan to go to Jaarsma Bakery on a nice Saturday afternoon.  Better to go earlier in the week, to escape the long lines of customers.

Our Jaarsma Bakery Purchases (from top Right):
Dutch Letters, three types of Strudel, Sticky Cinnamon
Buns with Pecans and St. Nicholas Cookies with Almonds

Those purchases ought to take care of our cravings for sweets and snacks for a little while.  Hopefully they'll also inspire us to get more exercise so we won't feel guilty about going back to Pella sometime soon.


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM CDT

    Please tell me you got a smidge of the wonderful dried beef! The meat locker has the BEST dried beef! Beautiful spring flowers! Happy Spring you two! - CCLK

  2. No dried beef this time, although I did get half a dozen of the very tasty cheddar meat sticks. We're kind of spoiled living so close to Pella- the local HyVee carries Ulrich's dried beef, so I can get it any time I like.