April 24, 2011

Our Easter Dinner

Our Easter Feast:  (from top) buttered dinner rolls, Cheesy
Potato Casserole, steamed asparagus and Maple and
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham topped with Pineapple Custard

As Juli posted in her Easy Easter Dinner post, we have our Easter dinner on the Saturday before Easter rather than on Easter day.  We do this due to our busy work schedules; by the time we get home on Easter, we generally don't have the energy to prepare or to really appreciate a big meal. 

Fresh from the oven

Our dinner included a Maple and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham (the recipe will be included in a separate post), Overnight Cheesy Potato Casserole, Pineapple Custard, Springtime Strawberry Gelatin Salad, steamed asparagus and dinner rolls (we like Sister Schubert brand, which is carried by Wal-Mart; just brush on a bit of melted butter and toss them in the stove for a few minutes and you get tasty, golden-brown rolls).   You can find the recipes for Pineapple Custard and Overnight Cheesy Potato Casserole here.

Our dinner table (not pictured:  Springtime
Strawberry Gelatin Salad

Since Juli prepared the potato casserole and gelatin salad last night, it was really very little work to make the meal.  Most of the time spent was simply time with things baking in the oven, and we baked the ham, the casserole and the custard at the same time (the ham went in first, and cooked for awhile before we added the others), then tossed in the dinner rolls and steamed the asparagus.  We'd eaten a late breakfast, so we had our Easter feast mid-afternoon, then nibbled on some leftovers in the evening.

Everything turned out great, and we've got lots of tasty leftovers.  I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to cook something tonight or whether we'll just reheat some of our Easter feast.  It depends how late I am getting home from the office.

For those of our readers who celebrate Easter, we hope you enjoy your feast as much as we did ours.

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