September 16, 2011

Why We Are Blogging - One Year Later

Today this blog is 1 year old.   Our first post was on September 16, 2010.  There are a lot of food blogs that have been around for several years, but there are probably twenty times as many that are started with the intention of longevity, but which peter out in less than a year's time as the blogger loses interest, or becomes too busy to spend time blogging, or whatever.                                       

In the year we've been around, we have posted at least once a day.   It has been a bit of a pain to keep up that posting pace sometimes, but when we started the blog, I set the goal of posting at least once daily, and I'm proud to have managed that. 

One of the things I've found rewarding about blogging is that I've been inspired to cook a lot of different and new things in order to have something to write about.  As a result, I've cooked a lot of things I'd probably never have gotten around to cooking if not for the blogging.  This includes a lot of recipes from cookbooks, cooking magazines and cooking websites - including other food blogs - plus a lot of original recipes.  Over the course of the past year, we've presented a lot of original recipes - 280 or more - and while some represent old favorites of mine or Juli's, well over half of those are ones we came up with during the past year. 

  My hope is that many of you have tried some of our recipes and enjoyed them.  Better yet, I hope some of what we've published has inspired you to come up with some new recipes of your own, or to try something you wouldn't have tried before. 

Blogging has also inspired us to try some new restaurants and stores we might not have gotten around to trying.  That's part of the "Adventures in Iowa" we refer to in our blog subtitle. 

As we move into our second year, we plan to have lots more new adventures, and we hope our readers enjoy reading about them.

My plan is to continue posting at least once a day, but tomorrow - Saturday, September 17 - we will be posting late in the day or perhaps some time in the evening, as we have a very busy Saturday planned.

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