September 18, 2011

Party Punch

Today I celebrated 30 years of music ministry in church.  It doesn't really seem possible that 30 years have gone by, but in 1981 (or maybe even before, I can't remember), I started accompanying the Chancel Choir at their rehearsals.  The organist at the time wasn't keen on driving after dark, and there weren't any other people stepping up, so...I did.  The only thing I asked was that I have Christmas Eve off, because as a college student I wanted to go home for Christmas break. (That's how I remember it was 1981 at the latest).

The joke of it is, I never thought working at the church would be permanent.  I was just filling in, right?  A couple of years later, the organist retired and moved to Arizona, and no one else could be found willing to do the rest of her job.  The church seriously looked, but they didn't find anyone willing to step up .  So...I did. 

Then later, I thought it would be fun if the church had a handbell choir.  I'd heard one at Mom's church, and was captivated.  I was really looking forward to learning how to ring.  Guess what happened?  They didn't find anyone to direct the bell choir, either.  So...I did!  (My mother said it was like the blind leading the blind, and I've been laughing about that comment ever since, since she's usually so supportive).  The same thing happened with the choral director's position. I was already there anyway, so what was one more job tacked on? Eventually, I have managed to outstay every single person ever hired at the church I've been attending since the early '80's.  In the mid-90's I went back to earn a third undergraduate degree in church music to keep up with it all, and now I'm the Director of Music Ministries.

Today I got to have the first piece of cake at the reception.  I wish I could communicate what a big deal this is.  The thing is, usually I'm still playing the postlude while half the parishioners have gone through the line.  Getting first crack at the lovely reception goodies was so very nice, and VERY appreciated!

Now, since Jeffrey says I can't post anything here unless it relates to food, I'll share the lovely punch recipe with you.  It's super simple, and REALLY good.  When I was in 4-H, back in the dark ages, we gave tea parties with our mothers as honored guests.  We always made this punch, and just varied it by choosing a different flavor of sherbet ice cream.

4-H Punch

1 1/2 quart container sherbet, flavor of your choice
1 2-liter bottle of clear soda, such as 7-Up, Sprite, or Sierra Mist, CHILLED

Place scoops of sherbet in punch bowl.  Pour soda over all.  Serve.

The orange sherbet punch- delicious!

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