September 15, 2011

One Year Anniversary Giveaway

Tomorrow - Friday, September 16 - marks the one year anniversary of this blog.  We've posted at least once each day during this year, and our hope is to continue that pace.  In order to celebrate this occasion, we're offering a giveaway.

We will be giving away two prizes:  A copy of The Best International Recipe by the editors of Cook's Illustrated, and a copy of the Special Edition Cooking Light Readers' Top-Rated Recipes.  Both feature lots of recipes, but each represents a different style of cooking.  Best International Recipes features a selection of dishes chosen from several major cuisines, each presented in the precisely-detailed Cook's Illustrated style.   This book has been around for awhile, but like the other Best Recipe editions, it has demonstrated staying power, and will be a good addition to any cookbook collection.  Cooking Light Readers' Top-Rated Recipes features colorful photos and lots of low-calorie recipes.   It was released last month, but represents the best of all the recipes ever printed in Cooking Light.  Each book offers lots of good things too cook, plus lots of techniques, tips and ideas to inspire variations and entirely original recipes of your own.

In order to enter, simply comment on one of our original recipes.   Pick one of our original recipe posts, make some comment about that recipe - what you like about it, suggestions for making the recipe better, ideas for things to serve with it, etc. - and publish that comment either on the original recipe post or with this post.  Comments submitted by 9 am central time on Tuesday, September 20 will qualify you for one of the giveaway prizes.  Comments on multiple recipes count as separate entries, but any given reader can win only one prize.  We will select two winners by first randomly selecting from among the total number of entries received, then drawing from among the total entry pool minus posts made by the winner of the first drawing.

PS from Juli:  While we deeply appreciate all our readers and commenters, we regret that we cannot ship a prize to readers who live outside North America. 

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