September 19, 2011

Fort Dodge Farmers Market

Jeffrey and I took a very short trip up to Fort Dodge to see my parents and to check out two of our favorite places:  the Fort Dodge farmers market and the Fort Dodge Community Apple Orchard.  I took so many pictures that I'll be breaking our adventures up into two posts! 
We drove up last Friday night and got up early for the farmers market.  It had turned cold, and all the farmers were bundled up in sweatshirts, good-naturedly complaining about the weather.

There was even one truck filled with sweet corn.  I thought for sure it would be too late for the corn to be much good, and passed on picking any up.  Dad got some though, and we ate it for lunch- wonderful bi-color corn with that just-picked sweet flavor- so good!  If the market hadn't been closed by that time, I would have run out to get some of my own! 

Is it fall yet?

I spotted this colorful pickup bed filled with pumpkins, including the warty kind I find appealing.  If I'd had a little more cash, probably one of these would have come home with us.

There were still lots of tomatoes.....

And lots of squash, both summer and winter varieties:

Even more!

Also lots of vegetables we've been seeing all summer:

We ended up buying two small basil plants for $2 each, which I thought was quite a bargain. Seed, the charming and magical shop in the East Village area of downtown Des Moines, has  pretty much the same thing for $6 each.  Now I just need to get them safely planted in pots we can keep indoors this winter.

Pictured from left to right starting at the bottom:

Row 1:  basil plants, Giant Marcone peppers, ripened Jalapeno peppers, lemon, cherry, and grape tomatoes, striped delicata squash.

Row 2:  popcorn, Kouri squash, beefsteak tomatoes, creamy white pattypan squash

Row 3:  apples from the orchard (more about them in an uncoming post)

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