August 28, 2011

Knoxville Farmer's Market, Late August

The weather was quite pleasant Saturday morning, so I took a nice, long walk.  I timed my walk so that after walking about an hour, I'd end up at the local Saturday AM farmer's market, spend a little time buying things I'd be using over the weekend, then have another, shorter walk home. 

With it being later in the season, there's naturally a different mix of products than when we wrote about the farmer's market back in June.  There are some commonalities - fresh eggs, a variety of baked goods, locally-produced honey - but now there's a lot more in the way of mid- to late-season produce, including tomatoes, chili peppers and a variety of winter squashes.

My purchases included:  cartons of large cherry and small plum tomatoes; fresh carrots; two large zucchini, one orange and one green; some fresh shallots; a nice-looking loaf of caraway-rye bread; and a carton of plump, delicious blackberries.  I paid a total of $17.50 for all that, which I consider a pretty good deal. 

I've already used some of Saturday's purchases.   One of the zucchini and the cherry tomatoes were used for Saturday dinner, while the blackberries ended up being used in pies.  Some of the shallots, the carrots, some of the plum tomatoes and the bread went into Sunday dinner.  I plan to use more of the tomatoes in Monday's dinner.  I'll write more about the dinners and the pies in upcoming posts.

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