August 06, 2011

Grilled Potato Kebabs

Last weekend the local Hy-Vee store had a great deal on t-bone steaks, so I decided to buy some and grill them.   We often have baked potatoes with steak, but I was in a mood for something different.  Since I was planning to use the grill to cook the steaks, I decided I'd cook the potatoes on the grill also.  Considering my options, I decided to slice the potatoes, arrange them on skewers and cook them like kebabs.

From there, it was pretty easy to decide on the rest.   I'd brush the potato slices with some olive oil, then sprinkle them with seasonings.  The olive oil would provide a bit of flavor, but more importantly it would hold the seasonings to the potato slices and keep the potato skewers from sticking to the hot grill. 

I have to admit, when I tossed these together, I didn't give much thought to measuring the amounts of the various seasonings I used.  I just sprinkled on ample amounts and later tried to guess how much I used of what.  If you try out the recipe below, I'd encourage you to do the same, rather than worry too much about the amounts, as those listed are nothing but rough estimates.

I'm happy to say these potato kebabs turned out great.  They were nicely cooked - a bit crispy on the outside, tender on the inside - and they tasted great.   I served them with the steaks - which cooked up wonderfully using nothing but my Peppery Steak Seasoning - and some baked stuffed zucchini and summer squash (which I'll write more about another time).    In all, this made for a really satisfying summertime meal.

Grilled Potato Kebabs

yield = 4 servings

2             pounds red or yellow new potatoes, cut into slices
                   1/2 inch thick
2             tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/2       teaspoon dried basil
1 1/2       teaspoon dried oregano
1 1/2       teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper
1             teaspoon kosher salt

Prepare a grill for direct grilling over medium-high heat. 

Thread the potato slices onto skewers.   Brush both sides of the potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle liberally with basil, oregano, black pepper and kosher salt.  

When the grill is ready, arrange the potato skewers on the hot (direct heat) side of the grill.  Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until browned on each side, then move the skewers to the cooler (indirect heat) side of the grill.   Cover and cook, covered, for 10 minutes, turning once. grill and cover it.   Transfer the potato skewers to a serving platter and serve immediately.

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