August 18, 2011

Grilled Cinnamon-Sugar Peaches

I did some grilling a few nights ago.  I grilled some lamb chops and potatoes, but I'll write about those some other time.  This time around I want to write about what I grilled for dessert:  Grilled Cinnamon-Sugar Peaches.   They were simple perfection.

These are easy to make.  Mix up some cinnamon sugar, halve two peaches, dip the cut side of the peach halves in the cinnamon sugar, toss them on the grill for a couple minutes, turn them over, grill for a couple more minutes, then serve.   Fast, easy and delicious.

I served these with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The mix of flavors and the contrasting warm fruit and cold ice cream made for a fantastic dessert.  Good peaches - including our dependable favorites, Colorado peaches - are starting to show up in the stores, so I'm definitely going to be making these again. 

Grilled Cinnamon-Sugar Peaches

yield = 2 servings

1/4            cup granulated sugar
1               teaspoon cinnamon
2               peaches, halved and pitted
                 nonstick cooking spray

Prepare a grill for both direct and indirect grilling over medium heat. 

Mix together the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.  Spray the cut sides of the peach halves with cooking spray, then dip the cut side of each peach half into the cinnamon sugar.  Let sit at least 10 minutes.

Place the peach halves cut side down on the cooler part of the grill (indirect heat).  Cook until they start to brown (about 2 minutes).   Turn the peach halves and cook them on the hotter part of the grill (direct heat) for 2-3 minutes (the bottoms and sides should be soft but not mushy). 

Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream.   Sprinkle any remaining cinnamon sugar over the ice cream and peach halves, if desired.

If you prepare the grill to cook with direct and indirect medium-high heat, by the time you finish grilling and eating the main course, the coals will have burnt down to the point of providing only medium heat, which is perfect for grilling peaches.  Just make sure to scrape the cooking grate with a grill brush before grilling the peaches. 

An Additional Note: 
The amount of sugar suggested in this recipe - a quarter cup for two peaches - may seem excessive, and it would be if all that sugar ended up on the cooked peaches.   However, since the sugar is put on the cut sides of the peaches, and they start cooking on the grill cut side down, much of the sugar ends up dripping off as the peaches cook. 

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