June 08, 2011

Knoxville Iowa Farmers' Market

Last Saturday Jeffrey and I went to check out the Knoxville Farmers' Market.  It's so early in the season for produce, but we thought we'd see what was out there.

I'm always happy to see someone selling fresh eggs, and Jeffrey and I bought some large brown eggs.  But look at what else the egg ladies had:

Here's a close-up.  Look at the pretty colors!   The vendor said that different kinds of chickens lay the different colors of eggs.

There were also interesting garden items:

And herbs and other plants for the garden:

We were also impressed with the Bread Lady and her wares:

The Knoxville Farmers' Market is open Saturday mornings from 8 AM to noon, and on Tuesdays from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Jeffrey and I are trying to be patient while the local gardens do their thing, but it's hard!  Our tomatoes are flowering, but haven't yet set fruit.  The grape vine has lots of little itty bitty grapes beginning to form, and the raspberry canes are LOADED with growing berries. 

Some of our hot peppers have set fruit, and most of our herbs are doing very well.  We did have one window box of cilantro and parsley that didn't have very good drainage and got drowned.  I re-potted them, and I think they'll eventually recover.  Our broccoli are growing nice and big, although they haven't set their heads yet. 

We got our first CSA box of the season last week, and, not surprisingly, it was very light.  Hopefully things will pick up soon!

How are *your* gardens growing?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM CDT

    Well, here in Nebraska, gardening and plant-things are very late (delayed) this year. It has been a very cold, wet spring, which makes for beautiful roses, but delayed veggies. We just got our cantelope and cucumber seeds to sprout. Our hotter pepper is putting on fruit. The tomatoes haven't grown much at all. Between the wind and the cold, then switch to 99 degree days, I think the plants are confused! lol! So, what IS growing? Strawberries! TONS AND TONS OF STRAWBERRIES! The cool wet weather really has loaded us down. We should start picking by June 15th. I like hearing about how your garden is growing and thanks for asking about ours. I'm making bacon wrapped grilled pork loin for dinner. yum! I may have to pick some fresh rosemary to rub it with too. Anyway, have a great weekend you two...

  2. Oooh, strawberries! I really miss the pick-your-own place that used to be by Indianola.

    Hopefully our raspberries will be as prolific as your strawbs!