November 02, 2010

Homemade Applesauce

So, making applesauce was a lot easier than I thought it might be. I think my recipe needs tweaking to make it just right, though.  This batch turned out a lot more tart than I would have wanted, although Jeffrey really liked it.

I read lots of online recipes, which I think was my downfall.  I'm a sucker for reading recipe reviews, and on about 90 percent of the recipes I checked out, there was always someone complaining that the applesauce was too sweet.  I took this to heart when I tried out the very fine recipe from Simply Recipes and shorted the sugar slightly.  That, combined with super tart Haralson apples, made for a mouth-puckering batch of sauce. 

I used a potato masher on the cooked apples, and the consistency was just what I was going for.  One word of warning if you want to make this - watch the pan!  I didn't, and it boiled over.  I'm still trying to get the molten apple gently scrubbed off my glasstop stove.  :(

4 pounds of apples made 4 pints of frozen applesauce (allowing for plenty of head room).  I also got to play with my nifty new Dial-A-Slice Apple divider that cores and cuts each apple into either 8 or 16 wedges.  Love it! 

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