November 15, 2010

Greek Feta Burgers

This recipe originally appeared in the July 1996 Cooking Light, but I found it here

The weather wasn't the nicest when I made these burgers for lunch this past Saturday, so rather than cook them on the grill, I made them inside on my George Foreman grill.   The Foreman doesn't grill things up as well as you can get from actually grilling outside over coals, but it is still nice and fast in a pinch. 

In this case, I think using the Foreman was probably a plus, because the patties of ground lamb, spinach, feta, fresh mint, seasonings and egg whites were so crumbly that I can't imagine them holding together on a conventional grill.   In fact, they were so crumbly when I first made them that I added an extra egg white and remixed them in hopes they'd hold together better when cooked, but even then they still crumbled a bit during cooking.

Crumbling aside, these were pretty good.   Juli gave them 5 stars - she really liked the fresh taste of the mint - whereas I didn't like them quite that much, but still found them pretty good served up with chopped tomatoes and a yogurt-cucumber-dill sauce (the recipe is here).  They made for a quick, light yet filling lunch, which was quite appreciated on a busy Saturday.

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