June 03, 2011

Waterfront Seafood Market

When I was growing up, Mom liked to make salmon croquettes. She also liked to serve fish on occasion.  My piece somehow always seemed to be extra boney, and I just plain didn't like the croquettes.  Mom always served the fish with buttered white rice, and  the vegetable was always peas.  I was so thankful for the rice and peas, because I really REALLY didn't like the fish!  My sister and I had to sit at the table until our plates were clean if we were being particularly picky, or until a long time had passed if we couldn't or wouldn't  finish what was on our plates.  I almost always got my sister's peas after my parents left the table, because she hated green peas, so I was able to survive those fish dinners without being too hungry. 

Fast forward to my adult years.  I never learned how to cook fish myself, and I certainly never would have ordered it in a restaurant, but  Waterfront Seafood Market changed my mind!  Jeffrey likes fish quite a bit, so we started going there when we wanted a nicer meal.  I usually picked something safe, like the excellent Coconut Shrimp.  But Jeffrey patiently got me to try other sorts of seafood, and I find that I actually do like fish, at least as long as it's very, very fresh, and is cooked by someone who knows how to do fish right.  I'm still working on enjoying it at home, although I have my doubts that I'll ever learn to love Mom's cream salmon and peas dinner (sorry, Mom!).

So far, the fish I like includes walleye, halibut, flounder, and trout.  Salmon- not so much, but it's a process.

My very favorite thing on the menu is Waterfront's Clam Chowder- it's creamy and the clams are always so tender.

Creamy clam chowder with lots of black pepper.  Yum!

On a recent visit, Jeffrey had Baked King Salmon, one of the daily specials. 

The sourdough bread is wonderful, too!

I like to have Jeffrey order for me, since he's a more adventurous fish eater than I am, and he picked the prawns for me this time.  They came with drawn butter, just like lobster! Very delicious.

Waterfront has two locations, one in Ankeny and one in West Des Moines.  We visited the one at 2900 University in West Des Moines.  Since we live some distance from Des Moines, we haven't yet bought any fresh seafood, but Waterfront has a lovely selection of fresh fish, and even a sushi bar.

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM CDT

    Although I do eat peas on occassion as an adult, in small quantities-like 1/4 C, I would still gladly give them all to you sista! I would always eat your fish, anything in lieu of those darn peas! In fact, I made salmon patties last night and they were good, not trough-worthy, but just a different change of pace. I must say that using salmon filets, rather than the yucky canned salmon with the bones and skin is far superior! Keep trying fish - you'll get there! Love you...