February 25, 2011

Revisiting Some Old Favorites

As I've said before, part of the joy of cooking so many new things and making up so many new recipes is finding more things you'll want to make over and over.  Over the past couple weeks, we've revisited several recipes we've previously featured.

We've written a lot about Graziano Bros. Italian Grocery in the past.   You can buy a lot of great things there... fresh-made Italian sausage, excellent cheeses, salami and pepperoni, imported pastas and meats and homemade meatballs and ravioli.   We picked up some cheese ravioli and cooked it up along with a batch of our Chunky Marinara Sauce.  The ravioli was great - tender pasta, a flavorful mix of cheeses - and the Marinara went great with it.

It's been awhile since I've tried out any new cookie recipes, but I have been falling back on some old favorites, including my Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies and the Incredible Cookies I've written about before.  Both turned out great, and between them, our cookie jars are now well-stocked.

For Valentine's Day, Juli requested that I cook up another batch of Chili Shrimp with Broccoli.  It wasn't that long ago I first made that, but she loved it and was more than ready for another batch.  It turned out just as good this time as it did the last one. 

For dessert, I made up a batch of the Easy Chocolate Pudding from the most recent issue of Cook's Country.  Last time I made this recipe, I did the almond version, but this time I went with the basic recipe.   It produced a creamy pudding with incredibly rich chocolate flavor - almost too rich, strange as that sounds.

Talking about things we've made multiple times has me wondering... have any readers tried out any of our recipes and liked them enough to have made them more than once?  If so, we'd be glad to hear from you.

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