February 06, 2011

Incredible Cookies

One of our favorite blogs, The Ungourmet, recently featured a cookie recipe that sounded delicious.   The cookies in question were made with oatmeal, dark chocolate, coconut and toffee chips.  She cited the recipe as having come from another blog, one new to me:  Eat at Home.   It's a pretty darn good blog, and now that I'm aware of it, I'll be following it, so hats off to The Ungourmet's Kim, for introducing me to these cookies and a great food blog. 

The Ungourmet isn't the first blog to have noticed these cookies.  Iowa Girl Eats featured a variant version of the recipe on her blog last summer.  So, I'm a bit late to the game.   Better late than never, though.

Tiffany at Eat at Home calls the "Way to a Man's Heart Cookies."  I would think they would be equally attractive to anyone, regardless of gender, so long as that person likes great cookies, so I'm not thrilled with that name.  Iowa Girl calls her version of the cookies from this recipe "The Ultimate Cookies."  It's hard to argue with that assessment, because these really are incredibly good cookies.  They're rich and chewy, sweet and chocolatey.   The coconut adds more texture than flavor, but that isn't much of a problem, because these cookies don't exactly lack for flavor.  They contain the equivalent of a whole bag of chocolate chips, plus a whole bag of Heath toffee bits, plus vanilla and other goodies.  Me, I call them "Incredible Cookies."

The recipe as presented on Eat at Home makes a lot of cookies... five dozen, in fact.  That will keep us stocked with cookies for awhile, but I'm pretty sure it won't be long at all before I make these cookies again.  This recipe has earned a spot among my "go to recipes." 

I should note that I did depart from the recipe as-written in one detail.   The recipe calls for one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, but I prefer darker, high-cacoa chocolate, so I used a mix of Hershey's Special Dark chips and Ghiradelli 60% Cacoa Bittersweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips.  Otherwise I followed the recipe as presented at Eat at Home.   This is the sort of recipe that can stand a bit of customization and still turn out great, so don't be afraid to tinker with it a bit to suit your personal tastes.  As long as you keep more or less within the ingredient ratios suggested, whatever you do should turn out great.

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