March 05, 2011

Update: Rick's Sports Diner

I've written before about Rick's Sports Diner.   I stopped in there again this weekend to see how the business was doing.   From what I saw and from what the owner and staff said, it appears to be doing very well.  In fact, it is doing so well they are expanding their hours, adding 8 am to 2 pm Sundays.  Rick says they're also considering adding lunchtime delivery.

I still haven't had an opportunity to try out the lunch and dinner options at Rick's, but I continue to enjoy the breakfasts.  So do a lot of other people, based on how busy things were while I was there.  Rick came out from the kitchen and chatted with the customers a bit, while the waitresses were quite attentive.

I had eaten something a couple hours early and wasn't very hungry, so all I had was a half-order of biscuits and gravy.  I also picked up a slice of apple pie to go.   Rick's always has a couple different sorts of pie available, but I hadn't tried any of them until this visit.  When I had it later as a snack, I was impressed.   It was as good as any apple pie I've ever had anywhere, save only the incredible apple pie Juli's father makes.  Unfortunately, it was a bit the worse for wear by the time I got it home (I did some shopping first), so it looks a bit beat-up in the picture.  It was really, really good, though.

Rick noted they run a dinner special every Friday.   You can get an 8-ounce flatiron steak, vegetable and potato or an order of breaded shrimp, vegetable and potato for $8.99, or you can get steak and shrimp with the vegetable and choice of potato for $10.99.   I'm definitely planning to check out that special some time.   Rick's is open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will deliver to Peace Tree Brewing, which is right next door.

Rick's Sports Diner is located at 119 West Main Street in Knoxville.  Rick's is open from 6 am to 2 pm every day, and from 5-9 pm Thursday through Saturday,

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