January 28, 2011

Apple Fritters

For breakfast last Saturday, I made another recipe from the current issue of Cook's Country.  The recipe, for Apple Fritters, was pretty straight-forward, but it did include a couple of nice touches.  Probably the most notable one was the recipe's use of apple cider as a way of boosting the apple flavor, rather than simply relying on chunks of apple.   The batter includes 3/4 cup of cider - the only liquid in the batter, save for two eggs - and the glaze adds an additional quarter-cup.  A cup of cider + two Granny Smith apples spread among ten fritters... that's a lot of apple, and it makes for darn good apple fritters. 

The fritters didn't take much time or effort to make.  The majority of the prep time goes into coring, peeling and chopping a couple apples.   For minimal effort, you get fritters that are really tasty and have great texture:  Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. 

Easy and quick to make, tasty, full of apple flavor.  There's really not a lot else to say about them.  They're good.  Trust me on this one.

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  1. Anonymous5:49 PM CST

    I agree; I just made these today and they were pretty simple to make, and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!