December 06, 2011

Hoops Have Been Jumped!

And....the house is ours!  Wow, do we have a lot of kitchen stuff to move!  It will take us some time to get everything arranged to our satisfaction, and then we'll be back to blogging.

When my head stops spinning from all the details I have to remember, the bank accounts and mailing addresses to change, the things that we have to buy to make the house functional (like curtains, curtain hardware, towel rods for the bathroom, a mailbox....) I will have a funny story to tell you about prepping for the move.



  1. Congrats! will you have a garden?

  2. Congratulations on your new home!

  3. Hi m and Nancy,

    Thanks! When I think of all the work ahead of me, just this week, I want to lay down and cry. But the move is totally worth it, and I will get through this!

    The Dollhouse comes with a VERY deep lot- about half an acre. It kind of looks like a small park, lots of trees, and lots of unshaded space for the garden, too. We'll definitely plant a garden, and will put in a raspberry patch, too.

    I also have plans to create a squirrel playground, so that we can have free entertainment while we eat - the kitchen has a large window overlooking the back yard.


  4. Look forward to your stories... best wishes and hang in there!
    ~ Beth

  5. Once you're back up and running (or, even now in this comment box!), I'd be curious to know if you have ever made macaroni and cheese with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and cottage cheese. I came across a recipe on You-Tube with the two latter ingredients... I've never heard of anyone putting them in mac & cheese. Is this is a regional thing? I'm intrigued. The cook on You-Tube (who is from Kentucky) claimed the two ingredients make for a luscious mac & cheese dish. What do you think?

  6. Hi Lena!

    Interesting idea. I'm not sure how I'd like sour cream in mac n cheese. Or cottage cheese, actually. Lots of midwestern recipes substitute cottage cheese for ricotta cheese in lasagna recipes, but I've never heard of it being used for macaroni and cheese!

    I've used cheddar cheese of course, but you do have to make a white sauce base with enough flour to keep the cheddar from being oily.

    The movers are here! My heart sinks a little when I think about all the things I can't take this trip (we're just having the big stuff moved to save money), and how long it will take us to get everything out. But it's a start!

    Tomorrow I want to get the rest of our clothes and Christmas decorations. I've really missed being able to put up the tree, which we usually do the Saturday after Thanksgiving.